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SAMPLES Ghost Syndicate - Ritual

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Ghost Syndicate - Ritual

“Ghost Syndicate’s dark and complex materials are in full force in Ritual, seeing the label continue its exploration of modern techno, giving us a flavour of what’s trending right now in the genre. Between hypnotic grooves, and dark ambient climates, and industrial rhythmic commas, you’ll find 384 precisely sculpted loops (special mention for percussion and tops), as well than 200 separate percussive elements to develop your own electronic rituals – much to your neighbours’ dismay, of course, but for the pleasure of your future listeners.” – KR Home-Studio Magazine

‘Ritual’ is a collection of sounds crafted with one goal in mind – to allow you to take the listener on an enticing journey through dark, unexplored depths of techno: the music we love for its poise, its spirit, and its cast-iron core.

Inside this collection, you will find atmospheres of abandoned warehouses, drum patterns of malfunctioning machinery parts, synth lines resonating in the desolate industrial halls and background noises of broken power supplies. With ‘Ritual’ you’re going to get a chance to breathe life into those sullen, dismal areas, transmitting the spirit of eternity through hordes of sweating bodies, raving, obliviously, to the everlasting beat of techno.

If you think you’re ready for that – then Ghost Syndicate welcomes you to a procession that only happens once in a lifetime.
You will get a ZIP (542MB) file

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